The Hex River Valley
The Valley is well known for its export grapes, the longest harvest season (from December to April) in the world and its autumn splendor when the vineyards is vibrant with colour like a patchwork.

The Victorian House
The House is situated on farmland that was part of the original farm De Doorns, one of the first four large farms that was the Hex River Valley (the Original Deed of Ownership dates back to 22 March 1731). More than a 100 years later the town De Doorns originated on a part of the farm. Andries Bartholomeus Burger owned the farm during the second half of the 19th century and subdivided the farm between his six children in 1896. This farm became the property of Pieter Christiaan Klopper Burger. He called it Concordia and built the Victorian house in 1897.

The house is the only remaining “so called” brandy palace of the Hex River Valley. The wagon path in those days always followed the easiest trail near to water for the sake of the animals. Many travelers and adventurers on their way North visited this farm to buy cases of brandy or to experience the hospitality and a good meal on the farm. The farmer and his family always enjoyed company because life on the farm could become lonely.

P C K Burger had a son, who died at the age of 24 and his daughter Barbara inherited the farm, which was rare in those days, in the late 20’s. She married Ruben de Villiers and they later changed the name of the farm to Arbeid Adelt. Currently the farm is owned by, Michiel de Villiers, a grandson. 

The Guesthouse
The Guesthouse was established in 2002 and has built up a reputation of warm hospitality, with many guests returning for the experience. Come and experience all four seasons in the Hex River Valley. Summer is the time to visit a packing shed and taste the grapes, bring your camera during Autumn for a photographic experience, in Winter enjoy our hearty fires with snowy mountains in soft blue shades and Spring is the awakening of new life in light shades of green.​

‘Die Kraal’
Die Kraal was previously only used as storage for the farm, until the son of Michiel De Villiers, and his now wife, decided to change this beautiful piece of history into the wedding venue of their dreams.

Groothoek hut
Groothoek hut was built in a team effort between the three De Villiers brothers as well as a few friends, creating this wonderful breakaway sanctuary nestled in the majestic mountains.